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Why I do what I do: Temper Studio

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Why I do what I do… Temper Studio

Meet George Winks of Temper Studio. Temper create handmade contemporary designs, using both traditional and modern joinery and techniques. Influenced by the complex precision of Japanese joinery and the honest manufacturing of the American Shaker workshops, combined with a love of modern construction materials. 

160106_temper_156It’s good to see George in his workshop and with the results of his hard work here at Temper Studio

Why I do what I do:


I like solving problems. I like to be challenged and I like taking risks. I get a thrill out of beginning a project will absolutely no idea how to achieve it. I started Temper Studio with a background in fine art – no formal woodworking training. I decided to do it and forced myself into a position in which I just had to figure it out as I went. The constant cycle of of discovery and practice, failure, uncertainty and success is my lifeblood.


Where I do it:

I live in an old stone cottage on a farm in rural Wiltshire and my workshop is an attached barn and a few outbuildings. My assistant, Jonny, lives here too and we pretty much just make things all the time. After a decade in London I wasn’t sure I would like the countryside quiet but it turned out to be the perfect move for me. The isolation and total lack of distractions has given me the time and head-space to design and make as freely as possible. I see the workshop as less of a factory and more of a laboratory, there are always several experiments going on at any one time.


What drives me on:

The ability to transform ideas and raw materials into something real and beautiful is like having a superpower. At least it feels that way to me. Why would you be sleeping when you’ve got superpowers to play with and a laboratory to play in?


What I’m working on:

I’m currently working on a complex bespoke cabinet commission that involves oak, sycamore, walnut, brass, glass and concrete. It’s a slightly larger version of the SPAN Cabinet I made last year. Alongside that the worksop is always producing our range of kitchen accessories and I’m often working on designs for future commissions and products.


 ‘My Soapbox’

One thing that I’m quite passionate about is how lucky we are to live right now. Through a mix of books and YouTube I have been able to teach myself anything I’ve needed to know, how to make the things I want to make and thanks to the internet I am able to live and run my business from the middle of nowhere. That’s pretty great.


Photos by Oliver Douglass – Thank you.

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Posted on December 8, 2016 by Blue Patch Team
Blue Patch Team

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