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Why I do what I do: Beau Beau’s

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Why I do what I do – Beau Beau’s

Beau beau's dogcoats

Fair sat the wind for Cornwall! A spaniel sporting a coat of vivid pink trimmed with blue and white. Tailored for this discerning dog by Beau Beau’s. Blue Patch Mole’s favourite business and the creators of her memory foam bed on which she loves to rest.

Here is the tale of this delightful Cornish company.

Why we do what we do….

When the Beau Beau’s ladies got together through a love of music, they discovered that had much more in common than a love of classical guitar! Both are animal lovers that are very good at making things. Being keen on sewing, Moira started off by making coats for her own dogs and for friends’ dogs. Beau, the beautiful black Labrador, was the inspiration behind Beau Beau’s and he is a wonderful model for our coats! When Moira invited Karin (a veterinary nurse) to join her, things went from strength to strength!


Where we do it…

All of our products are lovingly made by hand in Cornwall. We are based on the north coast of West Cornwall with its stunning scenery which is always an inspiring and is perfect for walking dogs!

We are delighted to be a part of the Made In Cornwall Scheme.


What drives us on….

We are passionate about our products and ultimately for us, the dog always comes first and we try to ensure that dogs are comfortable in our coats. We know that there are lots of cheap dog coats on the market but ours are all made by hand from the finest fabrics. We believe that every dog should be kept warm and dry in the bad weather and we guarantee we can make a coat to fit any dog! We are always up for a challenge!

It is great to take part in dog shows and events as we get to meet so many lovely friends both two legged and four! There is nothing nicer than seeing dogs wearing our coats, knowing that they are warm and snug and their owners are pleased with our products.


What we are working on….

As well as a range of off the peg coats, we also make bespoke coats and have made them for all sizes of dogs – from tiny 20cm puppies to Mastiffs. In one month we made 16 Jack Russell coats!! Generally we tend to make coats for a mix of dogs and we even made one for a cat!

We make dog beds and beds that are purpose made to fit into the back of cars. All beds are comfortable, lightweight memory foam with a tough scratch resistant, removable waterproof cover.

090715_BBDogs_19 2

We are currently looking at introducing a new military strength fabric which is undergoing testing at the moment. Luckily Moira has three wonderful boys, Bard and Jay (poodles) and the aforementioned Beau, who are all great for “test-driving” our new products. Exclusive to veterinary practices/hospitals, we make a range of recovery coats which are a quick and simple way to help ensure patients are kept warm and comfortable during post op recovery, hospitalisation, in transit or overnight discharge. We hope that we can get more vets to use these in the coming year.


Soap Box Space:

If you have a dog 
No matter small or big
As round as a barrel
Or as skinny as a twig 
You’ll want to keep him warm
And dry when in the rain
Whether he’s a Yorkie
Or even a Great Dane 
You’ll keep him snug in winter
When the biting wind is cold
Or wrap him up indoors
When he is getting old
A coat for all occasions
For every size of doggie
And if you really want one
We can make one for your moggy!
From fleeces and macs
To off-roaders that are tough
We make them all by hand
And if that is not enough…
Our memory foam beds
Provide comfort and support
Whether it’s at home
Or in a car of any sort
Dogs are our passion
Regardless of the breed
We are sure a Beau Beau’s Dog Coat
Is exactly what they need!
Beautiful Bede – all of our products are lab tested!

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Posted on October 18, 2016 by Blue Patch Team
Blue Patch Team

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