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A – Awards

From one category in our first year to seven in our second. This year we plan to be bigger! Keep an eye out for our announcement, and if you fit, apply!

B – British Isles

One of our USPs is to support British makers and manufacturers. It goes along with being low carbon, revitalising the local economy and championing local traders.

C – Circular Economy.

We love creative, circular economy solutions that tackle the problem of waste. Plastic, fast fashion… you name it!

D – Design

Good design? YES PLEASE.

E – Ethics

Our members are all committed to sustainable practices. From zero waste creations to recycling to , you can find them implementing sustainability in their businesses.

F – Friend

For as less as £10, you can be a friend. What does that entail? Why, ask us about it.

G – Global

Did you know that we also welcome to our fold British designers and makers who manufacture abroad but empower local communities?

H – Hello

How Jane answers the phone. “Hello, this is Blue Patch.” Also one of the many ways in which conversations are begun with some brilliant businesses doing some very cool things.

I – Ireland

Our newest addition to Blue Patch. We’re on the look out for some innovative Irish makers.

J – Jane

A lot can be said about the founder of Blue Patch. You can read about her here, listen to her speak here or discover the inner workings of her mind through her (hypothetical) reverse advent calendar here.

These however, are things you may not know about her.

She is a self-admitted chocoholic with a morbid fear of eggshells. She watches strange and obscure movies that no one else has probably ever heard of and spends a fair amount of time preventing Mole-the-Dog from being a nuisance.

K – Kitchen

One of Jane’s talents is also cooking up interesting and nourishing lunches for us. I’ve never seen her crack open a recipe book or look up how to make something on the internet. I have a strange feeling she just makes it up as she goes along.

 L – London

We’re based in Herne Hill, London! Come to one of our breakfasts or stop in for coffee. We’d love to have you.

M – Money

As a social enterprise, all of our net surplus income goes towards good things. We are in the process of choosing our very first investment into renewables! Keep your eyes open for news.

N – Nature

Blue Patch was born in response to a talk on climate change. Jane, with her campaigning hat on, decided that there had to be a way to encourage people to choose alternatives that were kinder to the planet and would help protect it. Since people love to shop – it seemed like just the thing!

O – Open

Even though we are based in London, we open ourselves up to the rest of the UK and the world. Our member businesses span the breadth of the UK and are a wonderful testimony to the fact that talent exists across the whole country.


Our campaign, designed to connect brilliant British designers and makers with high street shops. Want to know more? Get in touch.

Q – Questions

The biggest questions that we focus on at Blue Patch always involve the word how. Particularly, “How can we make a difference?” We’ve figured out most of our whos and whats, whys and wheres. It’s the “How” that is constantly evolving.

R – Renewables

One of our biggest areas of interest, and one that we plan to donate net surplus profit to.

S – Shopping

Do you think Shopping can change the world? We do. Increasing numbers of people are mindful about the provenance of goods purchased. Ethical and sustainable shopping is going from strength to strength and we couldn’t be more delighted with this trend.

T – Together

We are delighted to collaborating with people and businesses that have similar missions to our own. Some brilliant collaborations have come from within our own community as well.

U – Us

Blue Patch is bigger than Blue Patch HQ. Our community is made up of businesses spread across the British Isles. Businesses that value and champion sustainability and good business.

V – Vision

Blue Patch is dedicated to social and environmental good, supported by members and patrons. A selective showcase for exceptional businesses, Blue Patch also provides a collaborative network for our members. As a social enterprise, 100% of Blue Patch’s surplus profit funds renewable energy, conservation and community projects.

W – Whimsical

BP HQ is not a traditional. We’re usually found huddled over a computer, furiously typing emails, designing look books, creating copy or in the case of Jane, on the phone. Mole-the-dog will make a great escape from the confines of the kitchen to drive us mad by barking at us from the garden. Occasionally we decide that chocolate MUST be had. Chocolate and tea.


X – Xenophile

We love travelling. Most of Blue Patch HQ staff have either travelled extensively, or lived abroad. We bring back with us a deep appreciation of tasty food from all over the world, trinkets (usually in the form of jewellery) and plans for future travel.

Y – Young

We launched in September 2014, which makes Blue Patch a pint sized company doing big things. Granted, we are past the two year start-up stage, so we aren’t quiiite as young as some of you, but still a ways to go.

Z – Zealous

We are passionate about the causes and things that are important to us. A discussion at BP HQ can get quite intense, but always ends amicably, and we continue towards our goal – finding opportunities for our businesses and saving the planet, one purchase at a time.

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Preeti is the Marketing Manager at Blue Patch. Born and raised in India, she spent some time in the US, completing a degree in Psychology and Biology, after which she moved to the UK in 2010 to study an MSc in Finance and Management. She can often be found obsessing over her plants, trying to clamp down on an ever-increasing collection of nail polish or exploring and taking photos of random corners of London. She thinks that Y is the most underrated letter of the alphabet.

Posted on April 17, 2018 by Blue Patch Team
Blue Patch Team

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