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Why I do what i do: Lindsay Taylor

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Why I do what I do… Lindsay Taylor


Textile Artist Lindsay Taylor transforms the wild flowers, climbing plants and lush organic forms found around her Isle of Wight studio into luxurious embroidery. Her one-off art pieces have been exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. 
 A beautiful coffee table book titled ‘Embroidered Art ‘ was made in collaboration with Island photographer, Julie Yeo. This led her to develop a range of printed textiles that are now available as fabulous fabrics seen on her gorgeous velvet cushions, armchairs and wall coverings. Lindsay’s dream is to use only British companies to produce her bespoke products and homeware.
pansy detail 2011

Why I do what I do

Since the age of around twelve years old, my grandmother’s sewing machine came to live in our home. It was an old treadle Singer sewing machine that worked when you rocked your feet back and forth. It fascinated me. I was spellbound watching my mother make a pair of trousers for me in just a couple of hours. That was when I was bitten by the bug. Since then I have spent years perfecting my skills. I love the fact that embroidery requires few tools, a half decent sewing machine and a good pair of scissors. The rest can just about be found around the home.

_DSC5882edit1 72dpi

Where I do it

I live on the beautiful Isle of Wight next to a forest, and luckily enough have a large rural garden. Down the brick path, hidden by shrubs and bushes is my studio: a little brick building with a pitched roof. It has big windows allowing natural light into the room, a must for anyone producing intricate work and the high pitch of the roof allows for storage, giving the feeling of more space than there actually is.

DSC05012edit1 72dpi

What drives me on

There is nothing more rewarding than creating a new art piece. Having a vision and following it through to the end. Like any creative, we can’t help ourselves – we have to create, it is so deep within us.

_DSC5902edit1 72dpi

What I’m working on

I am thrilled to have been accepted to exhibit at “Luxury Made” as part of London Design Week, September 17 Although it seems a long way away, it will soon come round. It is such a prestigious exhibition and I have big plans. I am about to start work on a new wallpaper to launch there which should look like a living orchid wall when finished.

_DSC4558 65cm x 65cm. 72dpi


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Posted on November 10, 2016 by Blue Patch Team
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