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Why I do what I do: Heather Scott

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Heather Scott                                                                                                          Photo Lulu Ash

Heather Scott makes contemporary objects that are beautiful and practical. Working amongst a vibrant group of creatives in West Cornwall, Heather represents the new force in design, where local tradition meets global concepts. With great skill and a sensitivity she combines materials such as ceramic, metal and wood. Heather’s aesthetic is firmly anchored in Cornwall – last time we spoke she was heading out for a swim in the wild Cornish waves  – with echoes of Japanese and Scandinavian design. She also cites attending a natural building course at Schumacher College and her apprenticeship at Potager Garden with skilled woodworker Mark Harris, as key influences. You can pick up a piece of Heather’s work  and invest in an outstanding new talent.

Why I do what I do:

Having been interested in carpentry since school, I started by making a coop for my chickens, aged 14. I’ve barely stopped working with wood since and was lucky enough to find an incredibly skilled carpenter to apprentice with before setting up my own furniture design business.

bowl with lid, heather scott, made in uk

Photo Rory Blair

I love the versatility of wood, and the simple beauty of the material. There is so much to learn about the variations in timber, its properties and potential uses, it’s endless. So I do what I do as a way to discover more and create work to be enjoyed and used, honouring the craft and material.

British handcraft, wood turning,

Photo Rory Blair

 Where I do it:

Based on a farm in West Cornwall, I have a workshop amongst a supportive community of makers, from bronze casters to puppet makers. It’s an inspiring environment, full of creativity and collaboration and plenty of people to share a cuppa with!

 Photo Rory Blair

Photo Rory Blair

What drives me on:

I’m fuelled by the discovery of new design problems, collaborations and new materials.

Photo Tessa J Pearson

Photo Tessa J Pearson


Working with other creatives really excites me; I am currently working with Shropshire-based Potter, Isatu Hyde. We are developing some tableware that incorporates both ceramic and wood, this creates a desirable aesthetic. Additionally, I’m establishing chair designs for a future project with Weaver, Marina Van Vessem.

Hand made designer tableware from Britain

Photo Rory Blair

What I am working on:

I am currently working on some larger scale furniture, designing a table and bench set to make over the summer. I’m learning to weld in order to incorporate metalwork into my design, allowing me to solve problems that I previously was unable to using timber. It’s great to be doing more bigger scale stuff and challenging to be introducing new materials and processes.

Photo Tessa J Pearson

Photo Tessa J Pearson

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Posted on July 22, 2015 by Blue Patch Team
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