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Why I do what I do: By Laura London

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I don’t know about you, but we at Blue Patch are feeling an overwhelming urge to drinks copious cups of tea, under warm blankets and watch the final days of winter roll in from the cosiness of the sofa. By Laura London is a master at creating the perfect atmosphere for precisely these moments through scents and the gorgeous flickering light from her candles. The little beauties are handmade, using natural soy wax, blends of essentials oils and phthalate-free fragrances. They have a gradual and consistent burn, a strong scent throw and are perfect gifts for yourself and loved ones – at only £15 each!
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Why I do what I do:

By Laura London started out of a mix of obsession and curiosity. I was buying a lot of candles and was over the moon when people gave me them as gifts too. It suddenly occurred to me whether one day I could make them myself, and more specifically, whether the price you pay for a well recognised brand of candle was justified for the quality you get, or if it could be developed and sold for a more affordable price using natural ingredients. The latter was the case.



Where I do it:

I make all my candles myself from my home in Battersea, South London. When I’m not actually making candles, I either work at my desk at home or more often that not now I work from cafes. This takes away the temptation to get distracted by other things at home and I also find that it’s good to be around other people for inspiration. I also regularly sell my candles at markets around London. My favourite is Herne Hill, which I try to do once a month. It’s a lovely place with a really nice village vibe, so I always have a great day meeting people.


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What drives me on:

Watching my brand grow is what keeps me moving things on. Whether that’s getting a new sale online, receiving some great feedback when I’m at a market or seeing a mention of my brand on social media or elsewhere. Getting good feedback from customers who also regularly purchase some of the bigger established candle brands is what really gets me excited too!




What I’m working on next:

Right now I’m sticking with candles and not diversifying into other product categories, but that’s not to say I won’t! At the moment I feel there’s still lots of different ways I can take the candles, whether that’s teaching workshops, creating bespoke candles for events or running ‘candle parties’, there is so much to keep me busy and excited.




Soapbox Space:

I’ve recently started a blog on my site! I’m going to be adding articles about my products, candle care in general and case studies of bespoke projects I’ve done for people. It’s early days with regards to getting content up there but I hope to bring some interesting content to candle fans to share around! Take a look at it on my site.

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Posted on February 29, 2016 by Blue Patch Team
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