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Why I do what I do: April Doubleday

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Summer is around the corner and wedding invitations are coming in thick and fast. The season is upon us and there’s nothing better than treating that special someone! Luckily April Doubleday, our favourite jeweller, has found a luxuriously conscious way to do so.  She creates stunning bespoke pieces for very special occasions using conflict-free diamonds and fair-trade gold. We’re so happy to introduce you to this talented craftswoman!

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Why I do what I do:

I moved to north Devon thirty-three years ago as I’ve always had a love for the countryside, the rock formations and the sea. I have always been involved with the arts, so back in 2002 I decided to take on a degree in metal design. My inspiration to do this came from my extensive travel in India and my love for the bold tribal jewellery.  After finishing, I become a self-employed jeweller. Along with jewellery making, my passion is the ethics that stand behind the materials; sourcing the gold, silver and stones are as important to the design.  My ethical standards embrace and support small-scale alluvial mining operations and therefore create the world’s first Fairtrade certified gold standard. The diamonds I use are conflict free: the Jeweltree foundation guarantees supply chain transparency, ecological sustainability and social responsibility in the jewellery industry.


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Where I do it:

I live in a small village in North Devon, about fifteen minutes from the sea where I have a lovely studio to work in. Walking my dog takes me out into the countryside. Many hours are spent walking and watching the landscape change through the seasons, which also inspires my sculptural pieces.


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What drives me on:

I have always been creative from a young age, creating and making things out of nothing. A world where I can’t be creative would be a very strange world to live in.  I have to create to be. It makes me happy to make a piece of jewellery sourced as cleanly as possible and with the knowledge that along with very low impact environmental damage, there has been no human right abuse. The client is, of course, important – I desire to deliver a bespoke piece that is as they had in their minds eye.


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What I’m working on:

I was a photographer once and took many photos of the people of India. I am using those photographs as inspiration to create sculptural pieces of jewellery, and at the end of this year or next year I hope to have a exhibition of my work as a photographer and jeweler, here in the south west and in London.


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Posted on April 5, 2016 by Blue Patch Team
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