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The Do Book Co.

Miranda West holding a Do Book

Team Blue Patch are ready to blast off into the blogosphere. Radiating out like a cascade of comets Julia, Chantelle, Emma and I will be searching for independent businesses from the Shetland Islands to the Isles of Scilly, Rockall (or St Kilda depending on your persuasion) to Lowestoft.

Chantelle and Julia

Chantelle and Julia plot their journey through space

Chantelle and I have already been invited on board Darren Brown’s fishing boat with the promise of diving for scallops in bikinis. This is wistful thinking on Mr Brown’s part. I have an very large polka dot swimming dress that will send scallops scuttling off in the opposite direction – more fishy tales from the slippery decks of Shell – seekers Fish & Game Ltd once the sun comes out.

Moving swiftly on to ‘campaign blogging’ I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Gardner of Gardners Market, sundriesman. In the same shop opened by his great grandfather in 1870 Paul, immersed in billions of paper bags, is one of the mystical magnetic centres of Spitalfields. Any stirrings to move Paul from his shop will lead to a citizens revolt – we will be giving our full support to the campaign to keep him where he belongs – in his shop. The photo was provided by The Gentle Author from his Spitalfields blog.

Paul Gardner

Paul amongst his paper bags

Back to our Blue Patch bloggers. Julia, who happens to make astonishingly beautiful paintings of flowers, has a keen eye for gardens too. As soon as the first daffodils appear Julia will be taking you all on a wonderful journey in search of lush and fragrant subject matter from forest ferns to fratilleries.

Painting by Julia Langley

Painting by Julia Langley

Emma will be hot on the tail of all things vegan, healthy and deeply relaxing. Chantelle will be tweeting and blogging about Tasty titbits and Meet your maker(s) will be my thing. Of course we will have ‘shot gun’ contributors providing insight and entertainment. But as we slip into cyberspace we will be saving on bus tickets by harvesting stories closer to home. Miranda West and her Do Book Company will be one of our topics (she is pictured at the beginning of this blog). Her entertaining and informative Do Books are essential reading if you want to keep up with the UK’s own unique Do Lectures – Blue Patch would love to attend.

Sibley Gorve

Kate Sibley and a few Single Fold Lampshades

Do Books will be followed in quick succession by some designers who ‘design in’ sustainability without compromising on style. Kate and Jeremy of  Sibley Grove  (Kate Sibley pictured above. Jeremy Grove is her husband and design partner) and Lucy Mortimer (below) the passionate founder of Galapagos – furniture by natural selection. Julia and I were most charmed to meet Lucy and her father Nigel Mortimer at Tent, during the London Design Week).

Galapagos, Lucy, blue patch

Lucy Mortimer from Galapagos and her father Nigel Mortimer

But before all this can happen we have to strip and reveal all, our beta page will be falling to the floor in the next couple of weeks, exposing Blue Patch in all her glory as we start welcoming businesses to join our directory, ready for our 2014 launch celebrations.


Posted on October 14, 2013 by Blue Patch Team
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