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Why I do what I do: Scobel Clothing

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Why I do what I do: Scobel Clothing

We meet Jackie Parsons of Scobel Clothing who hails from several generations of well dressed women. Her collection of well made ‘anytime any-wear’ pieces have just enough quirk to make you smile and feel special. These items of clothing will last, but Jackie hopes you will patch and darn them should you ever have need to.

Jackie Parsons of Scobel Clothing

Why I do what I do:

I come from a line of very well dressed and skilled needle women. Scobel is my great grandmother’s name. She made beautiful clothes and had a drapers shop in Plymouth. Great Grandma Scobel used to make extravagant gowns for the ladies of south Devon from this dressmaking shop. Grandma was her model and she in turn always made sure that my mother was dressed properly. I am their legacy and hope that I encapsulate the essence of the past three generations of women with my well made, ‘anytime any-wear’ pieces with enough quirk to make you smile.

Scobel Clothing Studio

Where I do it:

This year Scobel Clothing hopes to find a small local factory to help launch a capsule collection of flexible ‘any-wear’ pieces. Functional and practical with a subtle air of romance without being too specific. Needless adornment has been stripped away to maximise usefulness.
Drawing from my past experience in theatrical costume production, the patterns are sometimes cut using historic lines with the odd indulgent flourish referencing memory, history and travel.

Good clothes are like old friends. As they grow older they mellow and gain character.

What drives me on:

My aim is to make the best everyday clothes possible.

When wearing the clothes that I have designed and made, I am often asked “where do you get your clothes from?”.
Scobel Clothing aims for considered pieces with practical comfort and a good, ‘kind’ texture with simple quality fabrics which have a classic, timeless quality. We make unfussy garments which work beyond obsolescence and fashion with room to allow the individual to wear them in their own unique way.

Scobel Clothing detail

What I’m working on:

The Capsule Collection which will be sold through small independent boutiques to allow us time to explore and expand more with some ambitious ideas waiting in the wings.

Anytime any-wear pieces are made from practical traditional fabrics, designed and made in England.


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Posted on March 21, 2017 by Blue Patch Team
Blue Patch Team

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