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The Power of Positive Shopping – POPS!

The ‘POPS’ campaign celebrates our high streets by connecting talented artisans and local manufacturers with supporting ‘bricks and mortar’ shops and department stores.

We’re working hand in hand with Buyers and Store owners to bring artisans and heritage manufacturers to shoppers. Exciting POPS collaborations are lighting up local high streets across the British Isles!

The Power Of Positive Shopping

Artisans take to the streets!

Imagine the pleasure of popping to a local store to browse handcrafted ceramics by a ‘rising star’, select a rug hot off a Somerset loom or slip on a dress made from organic cotton. Blue Patch’s talented members create wonderful treasures and we want shoppers to experience them first hand.

The collaborative store, Marylebone, Power of positive shopping, bluepatch

A burst of joy

POPS is part of the retail revolution, redefining the pleasures of local shopping. It’s hard to beat browsing with your bestie, trying stuff on, feeling real quality. Combine with a chat over coffee, the chance to participate in workshops or enjoy a performance? The high street is back, it’s creative and we’re part of this vibrant ‘social shopping’ experience!

Blue Patch, The Power of Positive Shopping

JAGS Sports Club’s new cafe in Dulwich, pop-up with Blue Patch members Lala & Bea, Terre Verdi and Scobel Clothing. Photo by Nemo Roberts (also a Blue Patch member)


Our fabulous POPS supporters include The Collaborative Store in Marylebone, Hoos in Glasgow and National Trust shops such as Basildon Park and Cliveden plus additional corporate pop-ups.

The Nunhead Gardener

The Nunhead Gardener stock Green & Blue

Everyone is drawn to our wonderful members and we’re not surprised, here at Blue Patch HQ we’re their no.1 fans.

Hoos Glasgow, POPS

Hoos in Glasgow with Kreisdesign

Look out for the POPS logo, coming to a store window near you soon

The Power of Positive_shopping

Some of the fabulous shops who’ve joined us:

We’re a social enterprise so every penny supports the local economy, environment and communities – what’s not to love?  Follow the action via our newsletter. Join your store to POPS today!  Contact or ring 0207 738 7267.

Hoos Glasgow




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