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Do you run a sustainable or heritage business in the UK or Ireland? If so, you’ll benefit from joining us.

Connect with discerning shoppers!

People are increasingly interested in sustainable, local products and services and ethical spending has soared to over £41 billion in the UK.

Blue Patch is the place for customers looking for unique, sustainable brands and services. 

Trust matters

As a trusted social enterprise, our curators select every member. Annual renewals are audited by the team, maintaining the quality for which we are known.  

Help our planet

By joining Blue Patch, you’ll be helping the entire planet to light up with clean, green energy.

At the end of every year we invest 100%  – every penny of our surplus profit, into community owned renewable energy projects, helping to tackle climate change and generate green jobs – it’s the power of positive business!

Membership levels

PATRON MEMBER : GOLD £1,000 | SILVER £500 per year | Read more

ENTERPRISE MEMBER : includes 12 images + logo £195 per year | Join

FOUNDATION MEMBER : includes 1 image + logo  =  £120 per year | Join

We have an optional uploading service which costs £80.

Your customers will be pleased to learn that your Blue Patch membership helps to protect the planet and local communities. 

Contact the team on +44 (0) 20 7738 7267 or


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