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Valuing customers, caring for communities and protecting the environment

Blue Patch is a Collective of outstanding sustainable and heritage businesses in the British Isles. Our members are passionate trailblazers, valuing their customers, caring about communities and striving to protect our fragile environment.

Ethics and transparency are at the heart of the collective.

We welcome you to explore membership options and consider joining.

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The Power of  Positive Business

What makes Blue Patch ethical? 100% of the company income supports the local economy, environment and community projects. For every business that joins or renews membership we donate a tree through Tree-Nation, restoring habitats worldwide. Read about our unique business model.

Blue Patch membership brings ethical alignment and opportunity:

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Membership levels

PATRON MEMBER : GOLD £1,000 | SILVER £500 per year |  Discover > 

ENTERPRISE MEMBER :  12 x products =  £195 per year | Join >

FOUNDATION MEMBER :  1 x product =  £120 per year | Join >

We have an optional uploading service which costs £80.

Blue Patch social enterprise
How Blue Patch got its name

On a dull morning in south London in 2014, founder Jane Langley was looking out of the window, wondering a. if the weather would cheer up and b. what on earth to call ‘the project’.

Hundreds of names had been rejected, nothing was right!

Suddenly a tiny patch of blue broke through the blanket of grey cloud, a joyful vision, perfectly matching the spirit of the project. Within 5 minutes the URL was registered and Blue Patch finally had a name.

Coincidently bees can lose their way in unbroken cloud cover. A patch of blue sky emits ultraviolet light, guiding them to the hive. The diligent work of bees inspires team Blue Patch to work with patience, uniting sustainable businesses and protecting the eco-system.

We all know that humanity has little time left to avert the climate crisis – the odds are stacked against us.

Members of the Blue Patch Collective are continually improving their sustainability. This is not easy to do in a competitive, oil-guzzling, fast churn economy, but through our collective efforts a low-carbon, productive and kinder planet is evolving. We hope you’ll join us.

Contact the team on +44 (0) 20 7738 7267

How did Blue Patch get it's name


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