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Retailers join Blue Patch’s nationwide campaign, the Power of Positive Shopping (POPS), which brings independent retailers and high end makers together to create an aspirational and dynamic high street.  

No longer do you need to travel to those big trade shows and walk around for hours searching for something new and unique. Simply visit Blue Patch, find your favourite makers and add them to your wishlist! Your very own POPS pin board as it were!

By being part of the POPS campaign you are able to:

  • Find unique hidden suppliers based in the British Isles
  • Communicate directly with makers at your own discretion
  • Be confident that products are high quality, and wherever possible, ethical and sustainable
  • Be proud of your partnerships and use the POPS logo and decal on your window
  • Have your store promoted through our marketing and press campaigns
  • Be visible on our map so that people know where to find you in REAL life
  • Have access to, and showcase one-off high end pieces in your shop
  • Have your own Blue Patch micro site with a profile, website link and contact info
  • Receive our seasonal Look Books, showing the latest products and retail prices
The collaborative store, Marylebone, P


The Power of Positive Shopping is encouraging the business community to support unique small businesses, artisans and heritage manufacturers. POPS is also raising awareness of sustainable, ethically-made local goods and the circular economy.

Select from a curated community of high quality SMEs – ticking both local and sustainable boxes, POPS gives you access to aspirational businesses a wider target market and new customers. The POPS campaign’s dynamic collaborations are shaking up the high street, bringing fresh talent and inspiring products to consumers.

Blue Patch will assist you to create new partnerships, find unique products, build a stronger following and reach a wider market.

We’re powering a positive shopping experience for all – people and planet.

Get in touch today to join the POPS campaign : and add your shop to Blue Patch.

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