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Sharing a vision

Shop on Blue Patch and great things happen

Blue Patch is a social enterprise, funded by our member’s subscriptions and Blue Patch Friends. Every penny Blue Patch makes supports ethical, local and heritage businesses in the British Isles. With no shareholders to pay dividends to, 100% of our surplus income can support great initiatives.

You’ll be helping us fund clean energy, conserve nature and support community projects

Renewable energy is essential for slowing down climate change, our survival depends on it. Blue Patch commits 100% of our surplus profits to invest in renewables, support nature conservation and fund local community projects.


The sky’s the limit

We’re a young company with a pint sized team, working round the clock to grow Blue Patch’s community. As soon as we’ve generated surplus profit we’ll invite members to suggest projects to support. Every member will have a vote to decide outcomes, ensuring transparency and fairness.


Our vision drives us

Blue Patch is a caring and collaborative business community; Members, Patrons and Sponsors are joining forces so great projects can spring to life. Imagine all the practical things we can achieve: repairing a wheelchair ramp, clearing plastic from a beach, investing in renewable energy, providing hands on help for vulnerable young people… every day we’re getting closer to realising the vision.

We can’t wait to share these success stories via our newsletter and blog.


Blue Patch business with purpose


One planet, one community

Blue Patch is for businesses based in the British Isles. However we’ve created a section in our directory for Global Impact members, who work with family businesses and gifted artisans across the world, connecting people locally and globally.

Join us as a Friend, Business Member or Patron today.

Please contact Team Blue Patch  +44 (0) 20 7738 7267

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